I always aspired for working in data science. This aspiration turned into reality once I enrolled for Predictive modeling and data science course at listendata. The faculty at listendata focuses a lot on conceptual clarity making difficult topics very easy to understand. The best part of listendata training is emphasis on all practical aspects of predictive modelling using SAS and R. I am very thankful to Deepanshu for guiding me at every step which enabled me to crack toughest analytics interviews with flying colors. The faculty makes sure that each student queries are answered.

The course is well organized in terms of content and delivery. The instructor is well-versed with the ability to explain complex issues to the ordinary mind. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a Data scientist with practical experience. You will have a hands-on real-world project to prepare you for your job.

I myself a corporate SAS trainer but had limited knowledge of machine learning before joining the “Data Science with R” course. After completing the course, I can build data science applications at ease. Deepanshu made complex machine learning algorithms so easy to understand which results to machine learning at your fingertips. Training included many case studies with real-world data sets which is very rare in the training world. If you want to stand out at work, enroll for this course and see the difference in your skill set.

The best part of the training is the elaborate explanation of every topic which gave us a clear idea of every concept. Deepanshu gave us a training in the way more than what I expected. The best thing what I did to start my career in Data Science is to come across your listendata.com while I was preparing for SAS Certification Exam and also joining the training program. I will always be thankful to Deepanshu in my entire professional Career. I will definitely recommend ListenData training programs if anyone ask me for a suggestion.