I always aspired for working in data science. This aspiration turned into reality once I enrolled for Predictive modeling and data science course at listendata. The faculty at listendata focuses a lot on conceptual clarity making difficult topics very easy to understand. The best part of listendata training is emphasis on all practical aspects of predictive modelling using SAS and R. I am very thankful to Deepanshu for guiding me at every step which enabled me to crack toughest analytics interviews with flying colors. The faculty makes sure that each student queries are answered.

Having a career in banking and business strategies, I have to keep my skills updated. I came to know about ListenData training program when I was looking for SAS interview related question on the internet. I was quite impressed by the curriculum that it covered and the fact that there was negligible software/shareware required.
After about 12 weeks of training and going through vast amount of material, I can certainly say that it has added tremendously to my skill set. Training included a lot of analysis of real and large data sets that reflect the actual industry scale and applicability.
Our trainer, Deepanshu, has excellent knowledge and experience of the topic and has detailed material on predictive analysis. He also has a great command on SAS as a programming language and was very meticulous with explaining how the macro works and its applicability.
There were also exercises and assignments along the way to help clear the concepts. Overall, I would say this training definitely helped me hone my skills and I am looking forward to apply some of these concepts in real business world.

As part of my role I was looking to learn SAS programming and Predictive modelling. I work in the Risk department of the bank and needed to up my technical skills. Listendata has been very effective, the materials and training has been spot on. Deepanshu and Vikas have been great tutors, very knowledgeable and very helpful. The course was very interactive, and they did a great job. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in building a career in SAS and advanced analytics.

The training provides real-time exposure to hit the ground running once you finish the course. The instructor is clear when explaining complex theory in a simplified way with real world case studies. The teaching is methodical and the experienced instructor will help you building your competence in predictive modeling over a few months. This course will help you advance your career into the data science career path.

The course is well organized in terms of content and delivery. The instructor is well-versed with the ability to explain complex issues to the ordinary mind. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a Data scientist with practical experience. You will have a hands-on real-world project to prepare you for your job.

I am already working with analytics team where my teamleads and team mates are IIT-Phds in Statistics and Phd from Leading Universities and foreign universities but Deepanshu’s Doubt clearing is incomparable and very useful..His seasoned experience is very useful for beginners as well as intermediate experienced folks

I am Ankur Gupta and took the training from Deepanshu Bhalla on Predictive Modeling Using SAS. Let me start with course curriculum and study material, its top notch. All the important topics are covered and it focuses lot on doing then just on theoretical concepts. The projects are more like doing the real time project and one who took the training will be accustomed to how to conduct the predictive modeling step by step. Moreover, one will also learn important topics such as K-Means Clustering, Anova Analysis, Decision Trees, Time Series Analysis etc.

Deepanshu is an excellent trainer. He has great command over the subject. He teaches the topic in such a way that even a novice an understand that.

I can say that Listen Data predictive modeling using SAS is the best course in the market at affordable price.