Having a career in banking and business strategies, I have to keep my skills updated. I came to know about ListenData training program when I was looking for SAS interview related question on the internet. I was quite impressed by the curriculum that it covered and the fact that there was negligible software/shareware required.
After about 12 weeks of training and going through vast amount of material, I can certainly say that it has added tremendously to my skill set. Training included a lot of analysis of real and large data sets that reflect the actual industry scale and applicability.
Our trainer, Deepanshu, has excellent knowledge and experience of the topic and has detailed material on predictive analysis. He also has a great command on SAS as a programming language and was very meticulous with explaining how the macro works and its applicability.
There were also exercises and assignments along the way to help clear the concepts. Overall, I would say this training definitely helped me hone my skills and I am looking forward to apply some of these concepts in real business world.